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A modern update finds the famous sleuth and his doctor partner solving crime in 21st century London. Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma to learn the world is in ruins, and must lead a group of survivors to stay alive.

They are colleagues, best friends, and roommates, although in all capacities their relationship is always tested primarily by Sheldon's regimented, deeply eccentric, and non-conventional ways.

They are also friends with their Cal Tech colleagues mechanical engineer Howard Wolowitz and astrophysicist Rajesh Koothrappali.

The foursome spend their time working on their individual work projects, playing video games, watching science-fiction movies, or reading comic books.

As they are self-professed nerds, all have little or no luck with women. When Penny, a pretty woman and an aspiring actress from Omaha, moves into the apartment across the hall from Leonard and Sheldon's, Leonard has another aspiration in life, namely to get Penny to be his girlfriend.

This show was pure gold at first when it was just penny and the boys: It was genius and hilarious. The introduction of Bernadette and Amy ruined this show.

Their characters are awful and intensely annoying and unfunny. Their introduction also ruined other character's story lines.

Sheldon never would've ended up dating a girl the way they wrote him in with Amy. Howard was perfect when he was the overly horny nerd, and him marrying and settling down with Bernadette ruined his character.

They couldn't figure out how to keep Raj the silent character so they made him talk to girls and even date as well. Which was pathetic writing.

Making Penny fit in with all of them ended up removing the hot, dumb blonde girl around nerds effect that made the show great to begin with.

Now, Penny doesn't stand out as the hot girl against the nerds because they stopped writing her like that and just made it more like Friends instead of the clashing personalities dynamic that made this show good.

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Full Cast and Crew. A woman who moves into an apartment across the hall from two brilliant but socially awkward physicists shows them how little they know about life outside of the laboratory.

Chuck Lorre , Bill Prady. Does the "Mayans M. How Much Have You Seen? How many episodes of The Big Bang Theory have you seen?

Share this Rating Title: September 13, [ 34 ]. September 26, [ 35 ]. Oktober 5, [ 36 ]. September 11, [ 37 ]. September 3, [ 38 ]. Oktober 3, [ 39 ].

September 10, [ 40 ]. September 2, [ 41 ]. Oktober 11, [ 42 ]. September 16, [ 43 ]. September 8, [ 44 ].

September 17, [ 45 ]. September 15, [ 46 ]. September 14, [ 47 ]. September 16, [ 48 ]. The age of the universe as estimated from the Hubble expansion and the CMB is now in good agreement with other estimates using the ages of the oldest stars, both as measured by applying the theory of stellar evolution to globular clusters and through radiometric dating of individual Population II stars.

The prediction that the CMB temperature was higher in the past has been experimentally supported by observations of very low temperature absorption lines in gas clouds at high redshift.

Observations have found this to be roughly true, but this effect depends on cluster properties that do change with cosmic time, making precise measurements difficult.

Future gravitational waves observatories might be able to detect primordial gravitational waves, relics of the early universe, up to less than a second after the Big Bang.

As with any theory, a number of mysteries and problems have arisen as a result of the development of the Big Bang theory. Some of these mysteries and problems have been resolved while others are still outstanding.

Proposed solutions to some of the problems in the Big Bang model have revealed new mysteries of their own. For example, the horizon problem , the magnetic monopole problem , and the flatness problem are most commonly resolved with inflationary theory , but the details of the inflationary universe are still left unresolved and many, including some founders of the theory, say it has been disproven.

It is not yet understood why the universe has more matter than antimatter. However, observations suggest that the universe, including its most distant parts, is made almost entirely of matter.

A process called baryogenesis was hypothesized to account for the asymmetry. For baryogenesis to occur, the Sakharov conditions must be satisfied.

These require that baryon number is not conserved, that C-symmetry and CP-symmetry are violated and that the universe depart from thermodynamic equilibrium.

Measurements of the redshift — magnitude relation for type Ia supernovae indicate that the expansion of the universe has been accelerating since the universe was about half its present age.

To explain this acceleration, general relativity requires that much of the energy in the universe consists of a component with large negative pressure , dubbed "dark energy".

Dark energy, though speculative, solves numerous problems. Dark energy also helps to explain two geometrical measures of the overall curvature of the universe, one using the frequency of gravitational lenses , and the other using the characteristic pattern of the large-scale structure as a cosmic ruler.

Negative pressure is believed to be a property of vacuum energy , but the exact nature and existence of dark energy remains one of the great mysteries of the Big Bang.

Therefore, matter made up a larger fraction of the total energy of the universe in the past than it does today, but its fractional contribution will fall in the far future as dark energy becomes even more dominant.

The dark energy component of the universe has been explained by theorists using a variety of competing theories including Einstein's cosmological constant but also extending to more exotic forms of quintessence or other modified gravity schemes.

During the s and the s, various observations showed that there is not sufficient visible matter in the universe to account for the apparent strength of gravitational forces within and between galaxies.

In addition, the assumption that the universe is mostly normal matter led to predictions that were strongly inconsistent with observations.

In particular, the universe today is far more lumpy and contains far less deuterium than can be accounted for without dark matter. While dark matter has always been controversial, it is inferred by various observations: Indirect evidence for dark matter comes from its gravitational influence on other matter, as no dark matter particles have been observed in laboratories.

Many particle physics candidates for dark matter have been proposed, and several projects to detect them directly are underway. Additionally, there are outstanding problems associated with the currently favored cold dark matter model which include the dwarf galaxy problem [] and the cuspy halo problem.

The horizon problem results from the premise that information cannot travel faster than light. In a universe of finite age this sets a limit—the particle horizon —on the separation of any two regions of space that are in causal contact.

There would then be no mechanism to cause wider regions to have the same temperature. A resolution to this apparent inconsistency is offered by inflationary theory in which a homogeneous and isotropic scalar energy field dominates the universe at some very early period before baryogenesis.

During inflation, the universe undergoes exponential expansion, and the particle horizon expands much more rapidly than previously assumed, so that regions presently on opposite sides of the observable universe are well inside each other's particle horizon.

The observed isotropy of the CMB then follows from the fact that this larger region was in causal contact before the beginning of inflation. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle predicts that during the inflationary phase there would be quantum thermal fluctuations , which would be magnified to cosmic scale.

These fluctuations serve as the seeds of all current structure in the universe. If inflation occurred, exponential expansion would push large regions of space well beyond our observable horizon.

A related issue to the classic horizon problem arises because in most standard cosmological inflation models, inflation ceases well before electroweak symmetry breaking occurs, so inflation should not be able to prevent large-scale discontinuities in the electroweak vacuum since distant parts of the observable universe were causally separate when the electroweak epoch ended.

The magnetic monopole objection was raised in the late s. Grand unified theories predicted topological defects in space that would manifest as magnetic monopoles.

These objects would be produced efficiently in the hot early universe, resulting in a density much higher than is consistent with observations, given that no monopoles have been found.

This problem is also resolved by cosmic inflation , which removes all point defects from the observable universe, in the same way that it drives the geometry to flatness.

Curvature is negative, if its density is less than the critical density ; positive, if greater; and zero at the critical density, in which case space is said to be flat.

The problem is that any small departure from the critical density grows with time, and yet the universe today remains very close to flat.

For instance, even at the relatively late age of a few minutes the time of nucleosynthesis , the density of the universe must have been within one part in 10 14 of its critical value, or it would not exist as it does today.

Physics may conclude that time did not exist before 'Big Bang', but 'started' with the Big Bang and hence there might be no 'beginning', 'before' or potentially 'cause' and instead always existed.

Before observations of dark energy, cosmologists considered two scenarios for the future of the universe. If the mass density of the universe were greater than the critical density , then the universe would reach a maximum size and then begin to collapse.

It would become denser and hotter again, ending with a state similar to that in which it started—a Big Crunch. Alternatively, if the density in the universe were equal to or below the critical density, the expansion would slow down but never stop.

Star formation would cease with the consumption of interstellar gas in each galaxy; stars would burn out, leaving white dwarfs , neutron stars , and black holes.

Very gradually, collisions between these would result in mass accumulating into larger and larger black holes. The average temperature of the universe would asymptotically approach absolute zero —a Big Freeze.

Eventually, black holes would evaporate by emitting Hawking radiation. The entropy of the universe would increase to the point where no organized form of energy could be extracted from it, a scenario known as heat death.

Modern observations of accelerating expansion imply that more and more of the currently visible universe will pass beyond our event horizon and out of contact with us.

The eventual result is not known. This theory suggests that only gravitationally bound systems, such as galaxies, will remain together, and they too will be subject to heat death as the universe expands and cools.

Other explanations of dark energy, called phantom energy theories, suggest that ultimately galaxy clusters, stars, planets, atoms, nuclei, and matter itself will be torn apart by the ever-increasing expansion in a so-called Big Rip.

The Big Bang as the origin of the universe: One of the common misconceptions about the Big Bang model is the belief that it was the origin of the universe.

However, the Big Bang model does not comment about how the universe came into being. Current conception of the Big Bang model assumes the existence of energy, time, and space, and does not comment about their origin or the cause of the dense and high temperature initial state of the universe.

The Big Bang was "small": It is misleading to visualize the Big Bang by comparing its size to everyday objects. When the size of the universe at Big Bang is described, it refers to the size of the observable universe, and not the entire universe.

Hubble's law violates the special theory of relativity: Hubble's law predicts that galaxies that are beyond Hubble Distance recede faster than the speed of light.

However, special relativity does not apply beyond motion through space. Hubble's law describes velocity that results from expansion of space, rather than through space.

Doppler redshift vs cosmological red-shift: Although similar, the cosmological red-shift is not identical to the Doppler redshift.

The Doppler redshift is based on special relativity, which does not consider the expansion of space. On the contrary, the cosmological red-shift is based on general relativity, in which the expansion of space is considered.

Although they may appear identical for nearby galaxies, it may cause confusion if the behavior of distant galaxies is understood through the Doppler redshift.

While the Big Bang model is well established in cosmology, it is likely to be refined. The Big Bang theory, built upon the equations of classical general relativity, indicates a singularity at the origin of cosmic time; this infinite energy density is regarded as impossible in physics.

Still, it is known that the equations are not applicable before the time when the universe cooled down to the Planck temperature , and this conclusion depends on various assumptions, of which some could never be experimentally verified.

Also see Planck epoch. One proposed refinement to avoid this would-be singularity is to develop a correct treatment of quantum gravity. It is not known what could have preceded the hot dense state of the early universe or how and why it originated, though speculation abounds in the field of cosmogony.

Proposals in the last two categories see the Big Bang as an event in either a much larger and older universe or in a multiverse.

As a description of the origin of the universe, the Big Bang has significant bearing on religion and philosophy.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The prevailing cosmological model for the observable universe. Discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation.

Religious interpretations of the Big Bang theory. Chronology of the universe. Gravitational singularity and Planck epoch.

Cosmic inflation and baryogenesis. Big Bang nucleosynthesis and cosmic microwave background radiation. Accelerating expansion of the universe.

List of cosmological horizons. History of the Big Bang theory. Timeline of cosmological theories. XDF size compared to the size of the Moon — several thousand galaxies , each consisting of billions of stars , are in this small view.

XDF view — each light speck is a galaxy — some of these are as old as XDF image shows fully mature galaxies in the foreground plane — nearly mature galaxies from 5 to 9 billion years ago — protogalaxies , blazing with young stars , beyond 9 billion years.

Hubble's law and Metric expansion of space. Distance measures cosmology and Scale factor universe. Cosmic microwave background radiation. Galaxy formation and evolution and Structure formation.

List of unsolved problems in physics. Problem of why there is anything at all. Ultimate fate of the universe. Cosmology portal Physics portal.

For some writers, this denotes only the initial singularity, for others the whole history of the universe. Usually, at least the first few minutes during which helium is synthesized are said to occur "during the Big Bang".

However, Hoyle later denied that, saying that it was just a striking image meant to emphasize the difference between the two theories for radio listeners.

The New York Times. Retrieved 21 February Retrieved 20 October Ask an Astronomer, Cornell University. The Origin of the Universe. The Study of the Universe".

Archived from the original on 14 May The second section discusses the classic tests of the Big Bang theory that make it so compelling as the likely valid description of our universe.

How The Universe Works 3. Retrieved 11 February Frequently Asked Questions in Cosmology. Retrieved 16 October At the same time that observations tipped the balance definitely in favor of relativistic big-bang theory, The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation illustrated ed.

Reviews of Modern Physics. An Introduction to General Relativity and Cosmology. Mystery of the missing text solved". Retrieved 31 July

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